As with most food nerds, I am a pretty big fan of Anthony Bourdain’s travel channel show No Reservations. While working my way through some of the older seasons, I came across an episode which featured Scott Conant (Food Network personality and executive chef at Scarpetta) giving a rundown on how he makes traditional, old school pasta sauce for the spaghetti dish at his restaurants. I was intrigued since his recipe differed from most that I’ve seen in the sense that he does not directly season his tomato sauce, rather he flavors the dish right before being served with a garlic and basil infused olive oil that steeps away while the tomato base bubbles away on the stove top.

After digging around online a little bit I was able to find a few pages all offering up slightly different variations on the same basic sauce. I took a crack at the recipe earlier this evening and here’s how it went down in my kitchen.

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Back to the Classics: Tomato & Basil Pasta ala Scott Conant

Butterflied & grilled chicken is definitely my favorite poultry application right now. I’ve actually grilled so many butterflied chickens this past summer that I have completely lost count of the exact number by now. Lucky for you, I’ve distilled all that I have learned into one handy-dandy blog post so that you can reap the rewards of my experiments. Here is what I’ve learned so far.

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On The Grill: Butterflied Jerk Chicken