Last Sunday, protesters gathered to oppose a potential Loblaws location adjacent to Kensington Market. Tension in the neighbourhood has been running high since the monks at the Zen Budhist Temple put a very valuable piece of College St. real estate on the market. The rumour mill started buzzing in no time, and the news of a potential 15-storey condo development and Loblaws complex emerged shortly afterwards.
Here’s my take.

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Kensington Market Vs. Loblaws

A few months back I was flicking through some Netflix titles and catching up on some TED Talks I’d bookmarked and been meaning to watch. Naturally, it didn’t take long to stumble accross the “Chew On This” series, which aims to explore some of the economic, environmental, and health related facets of modern food culture and agriculture. While skimming through the list of speakers which Netflix has opted to include in this particular series, names like Jamie Oliver and Mark Bittman were the first to jump out at me since I’ve been following their work since as long as I’ve been interested in food. Surprisingly, it was a lesser known name that really caught my eye and and made me take notice, though. That name was Graham Hill’s. As it turns out, Graham Hill is the creator of, a blog of which I am a frequent reader, and a site I’d certainly recommend to anyone else reading this.

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Why Meatless Monday Matters.

People eat meat. They always have, and they always will. When you get down to brass tacks, it’s really not the most pleasant thing in the world. But that’s the world we live in. It is chock full of things that aren’t all that pleasant, and you can’t go around ignoring them all just because they don’t suit your fancy. If you eat meat, chances are you’ve thought about the rather grim nature of harvesting animals for their delicious, delicious insides at least once in your life. Here’s my take on the issue.

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On Eating Meat